Dogs: God's way of showing us how to be happy.                                        --Anonymous--
Ch Wee Chapter Two Ms B&T +k
2.Ch Criscross Prima Girl ms ROM  +b
3. Ch Criscross Lil’ Red Vette mw  +b
4. Ch Criscross Poetry Girl ms  +b
5. Ch Criscross Pistola Girl ms  b
6. Ch Criscross Lil’ O mw  b
7. Ch Criscross Captain January mw  b 
8. Ch Criscross Hub Bub mw  +b
9. Ch Ej's  I Insist mw  b
10. CH Criscross Smooth Operator ms +b
11. Ch Criscross Popular Vote ms  +b
12. Ch Criscross Cybil Disturbance ms  b 
13. Ch Criscross N Farriers Rambo ms   b
14. Ch Criscross Startin’ A Riot ms ROM +b
15. CH Criscross Look of Love ms b
16. Ch Ej’s The Rapper ms  b
17. Ch Ynot’s Secret Weapon ms + cb
18. Ch Criscross Divine Secret ms +cb
19. Ch Criscross Jazzi N Tie ms +cb
20. MULT BISS Ch Criscross Ixel Girl ms +b
21. Ch Laurjosh Sothern Exposure ms +cb
22. CH Criscross Foolish Talisman mscp +b
23. Ch Laurjosh Lexi At Criscross ms  ROMX +k
24. Ch Ej’s Myrhh Of Criscross mw +k
25. CH Criscross Meant To Be msc +cb
26. Ch Pocodox Serenade at Criscross SS  ROMX +k  
27. Ch Criscross Black Adder ss +cb
28. Ch Criscross Steel Magnolia ss +cb
29. Ch Criscross Black Mamba ss  +cb
30. Ch Criscross Black Bird ss +cb
31. Ch Criscross  True Grit ss +cb
32. BISS CH Criscross Black Beauty ss +cb
33. Ch Criscross Red Tide ss +b
34. Ch Criscross Black Lily ss ROMX b
35. Ch Criscross  Rossa Girl ms +b
36. Ch Criscross Ides Of March ms b
37. Ch Criscross Biscotti V Haywire mw +b
38. Ch Criscross Cinder V Haywire mw ROM b*
39. Ch Criscross Over the Top mw  cb*
40. Ch Crossovers Diva’s Daughter mw +cb
41.Ch Crossovers Who’s Your Daddy ms cb
42. Ch Crossover  Standing Room Only ms  cb
43. Ch Faulkdach’s Criscross Annie ms +k
44. Ch Criscross  Gecko Girl ms b*
45. Ch Criscross NW To Tecklewood ms  b
46. Ch Criscross Kiss A Frog ms b
47. Ch Ynot’s O No Toronto M +cb
48. Ch Criscross Black Swan mw  b
49. Ch Criscross Like Wow ssd  b*
50. Can AM Ch Criscross My Perogative ms  b
51. Can Ch Criscross Mums The Word ms  b
52. Can Ch Criscross MVP ms b
53. Ch Criscross Havana Smiles ( Havanese) +k
54. Ch Clearbrooks Monte Cristo ( Havanese) +
55. Can. Ch Criscross Wee Chapter Five ms  b
56. Ch Criscross Tell No Tales mscp  b
57. Ch Criscross Rumour At Cynmac ms +b
               2009 CHAMPIONS
58. Ch Criscross Black Dove SS  cb*
59. Ch Jaffa's Georgia On My Mind SS  cb
60. Ch Criscross Super Delegate V Laurjosh ml  b
61. Ch Criscross Smooth Malt ms +b
62. Can Ch Criscross Swiss Kiss ms  b
63. Ch Jaffa's Jammin' Javon ( SS )  cb
64.BISS GRCh Criscross Swiss Bits ms b
65. Ch Criscross High Noon At Robwest ms b+
66. Ch Longlesson The Black Pearl SS cb
                  2010 CHAMPIONS
67. Ch Jaffa's Diggin' Devon SS cb
68, GCH Criscross Nova Girl ms b
69. BISS Ch Criscross Obsidian ms +b
70. Ch Criscross Diamond Jim ms +b
71.GCH Crossover Just Deal With It mw cb
.              2011 CHAMPIONS
72.Ch Longlesson Red Shoe Diary SS cb*
73.Ch Criscross That Girl ms b*
74.Ch Jaffa's Sweet Ringer  cb
75.RU JR CH Criscross Downtown Brown ms
76.BISS GCh Criscross Crimson Tide V Schumdachs SS cb*
77.Ch Crossover Dream Catcher msb cb
78.Ch Crossover Pencil Thin Mustache mw  cb
79.US FCI Korean Ch Criscross All The Rave ms b
80.Ch Taksa-Klass Avatar (Russian Import)k +
81.Can Ch Criscross Good Things Come ms b
82.Ch Criscross Ms Mocha Melt At Grandgables ms b
83.Brazilian Pan AM CH Criscross Eclipse ms b

                2012 CHAMPIONS
84Ch Criscross For The Defense ms  b+
85. Ch Criscross Smooth Silk ms b+
86. Ch Criscross Dark Wizard ms b
87. Ch Criscross Wild Western Girl V Teckelwood MS b
88. Ch Criscross Jagger Man ms +
89. Ch Criscross Red Ricardo S b
90. Ch Jaffa;s Gabby Caby S cb
91. Ch Criscross Black Antonio S b+*
92. Ch Criscross So Noble ms b*
93. Ch RHill's Total X Factor ms k+
94. Ch Criscross Black Maria S b*
95. Can CH Criscross Swiss Bliss ms b
96. Can Ch Criscross Lil' Dude ms b

                2013 CHAMPIONS
97. Ch Zadox Spicey Nutmeg V Criscross ms +
98. Ch Jaffa's Classy Claire cb
99. INT CH Criscross Black Shadow S b
100 Ch Criscross Naira Girl ms b+

                2014 CHAMPIONS
101. Ch Templedox Good Witch V Criscross ms +
102. Jr RU CH Criscross Sokisable Girl ms b
103. Ch Criscross Tasty Treat ms b
104. Ch Criscross Little Clint b*+

                2015 CHAMPIONS
105. Ch Criscross Black Satin V Diagram SS b
106. Ch Sokisable Look At Me (Russia) k++
107. Ch Criscross Stormy Weather At Zadox ms cb
108. Ch Criscross Trufa De Chocolate ms  cb

                2016 CHAMPIONS
109. Ch Criscross Big Clint ms b
110. Ch Criscross Careless Whisper b
111. Ch Criscross The Queen's Smile ms cb
112. Ch Criscross Small Blessing ms +cb
113, Ch Apothecary Sojourner Truth ms cb
114. Ch Criscross Sunrise-XO Girl ms b
115. Ch Criscross Far To Go ms b

                2017 CHAMPIONS
116. Ch Criscross Full Of Grace ms  +b
117. Ch Criscross Fair of Face ms +b

                2018 CHAMPIONS

118. Ch Criscross Smooth Wink ms b
119. Ch Criscross Stoke The Fire ml b 

                2019 CHAMPIONS    

120. Ch Criscross Mighty Righty ms b+   
121. GCh Criscross Make A Wish ms b  
122. Ch Criscross Heartbeat Song For Laurjosh ml b 
123. Ch Criscross Small Fantasy ms *b 
124. Ch Criscross Wish Granted ms b+ 
125. Ch Criscross Call The Wind ms b*+ 
126. Ch Criscross You Wish ms b 

                2020 CHAMPIONS

127. Ch Criscross Instagrant ms b

                2021 CHAMPIONS

128.  Ch Criscross Iron Lady ms cb
129.  Ch Criscross Summer's Eve msd cb +

               2022 CHAMPIONS

130.  Ch Copia's Toberline mlc  cb 
131.   Ch Criscross Fairest Of All ms b +
132.   Ch Criscross Play It Again msb + cb
133.   Ch Criscross In Control ms cb 
134.   Ch Criscross Fair Play ms b
135.   Ch Criscross Leather And Lace ms cb +
136.   GCh Durdach Life Is A Highway ms cb

               2023 CHAMPIONS

137.    Ch Criscross Dominitrix ms cb 
138.    Ch Criscross Ace In The Hole ms b+
139.    Ch Criscross Summer Solstice ms  b
140    Ch Criscross Summer Fun ms b+
141    GCh Durdach Wish You Wouldn't Tease me ms cb
142.   GCh Durdach Driving In The Fast Lane ms cb

* =pointed here
+  =  finished here at Criscross
b  =  bred by
cb=  co-bred
k =   kennel addition.
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                     2024 CHAMPIONS
143. Ch Criscross Ima Twinnie ms cb +
144. Ch Criscross Streaky Stripes msb b
145. Ch Criscross Evening Attire ms b
146.  Ch Dreamin's Spotted At Criscross msd k+