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Several years ago, the Dachshund Club of America set out to systematically destroy the breeders of piebald and double dapple dachshunds. They did this by attempting to make white a disqualifiaction in the written standard. At that Board Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA. they used a study that was done years before in an attempt to show that breeding dapple to dapple would always produce defective dogs. In that Board Meeting,  the statement was made that "maybe we should look at the dapples also". Then the revision failed to pass. At a later Board meeting, they allowed that dapples could have a larger portion of white on their chests than the solid colored dogs, because they didn't want to anger the people who breed dapples. Hence the wording that is in the current standard. I have never forgotten what was said at the Board Meeting in Pittsburgh. I was there, and I took notes. When I became enamored of this breed, I came in under the pre 1992 written standard. Where all colors and patterns were embraced. My biggest fear and it is a very real one, as evidenced by what has happened in the last several years is that the dapples will become a non approved pattern. Hence the program here to bring back the smooth standard dapples.. I am very proud of these gorgeous dogs and hope that one day, the pattern will be as popular as the reds or black and tans.. At the very least, I want recent people to the breed to see all of the wonderful patterns that this breed has to offer. Yes, there are standard smooth dapples, from pure standard bloodlines. I had to get the pattern from a long, but he is a Standard. I hope everyone enjoys these dogs as much as I do.
Criscross Smoke-N-Mirrors X CH Criscross Black Bird SS
I could not and cannot breed the Standard Dachshunds without the help of those who co-own with me. Standard dachshunds require room and lots of attention. I currently have 7 Standard dachshunds residing at Criscross. the others are living out with people who have embraced them. Wowzer ( pictured above) resides at Lookout Mountain Dachshunds with his co-owner, Melenda Bryson. Melenda ( Mendy) finished him herself and raised the litter out of Wowzer and another Standard, Ellie.
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